Universidad de Cienfuegos

Universidad de Cienfuegos

Founded in 1979, La Universidad de Cienfuegos is one of the fastest growing universities in Cuba. Its robust and active history of high performance and quality achievement makes UCf one of the institutional leaders in preparing Cuban society for the demands of the 21st century. Fully accredited by the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education, La Universidad de Cienfuegos system has nine campuses, two in the city of Cienfuegos and one in each of the other seven municipalities. The main campuses, Carlos Rafael Rodríguez and Conrado Benitez Garcia, flank the historic center of the city. The city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site in one of the most affordable and safest cities in Cuba.

UCf consists of seven schools (faculties):

  • The Faculty of Engineering
  • The Faculty of Humanities
  • The Faculty of Education Sciences
  • The Faculty of Economic Sciences
  • The Faculty of Agrarian Sciences
  • The Faculty of Physical Education and Athletics
  • The Faculty of Social Sciences

UCf promotes and develops science, innovation, and cultural programs according to the needs of sustainable development in Cienfuegos and the country in adherence with standards of international excellence.

There are 4,092 undergraduate and 2,449 for graduate‐level students. Over 2,000 international students have graduated from UCf representing 68 different nations. Its strength lies in its long term commitment to internationalization and the creation of global opportunities for academic communities to build trust and sustainable partnerships worldwide. As part of its commitment, UCf has collaboration agreements with foreign institutions throughout the world. Among them, 30 in Europe, 10 in the United States and Canada and 107 in Latin America and the Caribbean. La Universidad de Cienfuegos has also shown outstanding results through the international collaboration and strategic alliances with different NGOs, local state and private institutions, embassies and other partners.


For More Information Contact
Lourdes Pomares Castellon
Director, International Relations

Dayni Diaz Mederos
Specialist, Academic International Relations

Email: dri@ucf.edu.cu

Website: www.ucf.edu.cu

Universidad de Cienfuegos


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