Universidad de Granma

Universidad de Granma

La Universidad de Granma (UDG) was founded on December 10, 1976 with distinction, under the original name Instituto Superior de Ciencias Agropecuarias de Bayamo (ISCAB).

This academic year, the university consists of a student body of 5,600 students and 1,366 faculty that include 147 PhDs, 669 masters and 23 specialists.

Currently, the Center holds the category of “Certified”, endorsed by the National Accreditation Board. The internal evaluation processes have been certified for careers in Agricultural Engineering, Sociocultural Studies and Accounting and Finance. The featured career is Veterinary Medicine which has been accredited “with Excellence.”

UDG consists of 8 faculties with 36 career tracks:

  • Economics and Social Sciences
  • Agricultural and Forest Sciences
  • Computer Sciences, Natural and Exact Mathematics Education – Physics.
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Technical Sciences
  • Physical Culture
  • Basic Education
  • Humanities

UDG’s core research lines are in Local Development, Agricultural and Nutritional Development, Natural Environmental Resources and Improvement of Higher Education.

The Center for Management and Local Development Studies (CEDDEL) is part of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (FCES). Due to its nature and purpose, it interacts with all colleges of the university and with the local development departments of the Municipal University Centers (CUM), methodologically advising the activities in function of having a greater impact in local development. Despite being subordinate to the FCES, it receives direct support from the Vice-rectorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies for the development of its programs.

The CEDDEL has strong institutional relations with the government, other institutions in the public and private sectors, and the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC).

Its staff is integrated with 10 full time professors-researchers and 20 collaborators. Full-time professors include 5 PhDs and 5 with master’s degrees in science.

The CEDDEL was officially approved in July 2010 according to Ministerial Resolution 56 with the mission of contributing to the processes of socio-economic development of Granma territory by conducting scientific research, knowledge management and innovation processes and advising the government and other local actors.
The Local Development Observatory (ODL) begins in 2017 with the mission to provide up-to-date, reliable and organized technical scientific information from various sources on local development and management.
The objectives of the ODL are to:

  • Strengthen networks between universities and other cooperation partners for the achievement of high-impact projects
  • Select the scientific and technical information necessary to satisfy the informational needs of the scientific community working on local development and its management
  • Provide technical scientific information in an organized manner, appropriately distributed to observatory users per their needs
  • Disseminate successful academic, social and cultural experiences from research projects and development initiatives

UDG main campus is 17 kilometers from the city center. The campuses for sociocultural and economic sciences and information technology are both in the historic district of Bayamo.