The Presence of Paulo Freire

April 30 – May 8, 2016

The Presence of Paulo Freire
April 30 – May 8, 2016

Universidad de Cienfuegos Students on Campus
About the Trip

The IX International Meeting of “The Presence of Paulo Freire: A Space to Reflect and Grow” is an original workshop dedicated to the legacy and philosophy of the late great Brazilian educator Paulo Freire.

Every other year, the School of Pedagogy for the University of Cienfuegos in cooperation with the Cuban Association of Pedagogy (APC) convene this meeting to explore the teachings of Freire and discuss issues of Popular Education. The event is a cultural phenomenon in Cuba and this is the first time an invitation is being extended to Americans.

The meeting has several objectives:

  • To honor the Educator of the People, Paulo Freire, Professor Emeritus of the Americas, on the 19th anniversary of his death.
  • To promote and develop research on the practical and theoretical contributions of Paulo Freire’s work as it relates to the construction of power through Popular Education (Education for the People) in different educational settings.
  • To reflect critically on specific experiences related to the construction of power in order to draw out theoretical and methodological lessons related to Freire’s principles.
  • To stimulate artistic creation in the surrounding community, based on the work and thought of Paulo Freire and their own community experience as it relates to this topic.

This year’s thematic focus is Popular Education and the construction of power: How to construct spaces where power issues are minimal.

The proposed topics for discussion are:

  • Community-based educational practices related to Popular Education and its impact on the construction of power. Experiences.
  • The construction of power as the premise through which people can be educated to bring about change. The transformative power of Paulo Freire’s theories in this sense.
  • Primary factors and forces that obstruct or ease the construction of power in community-based educational spaces.
  • Primary values, ethical and aesthetic codes derived from socio-educational and artistic practices in spaces constructed through community-based power.
  • Challenges to the improvement of processes through which power is constructed and the ethical, humanitarian and revolutionary foundation for spaces that have been created through community effort.

The meeting will also share its space with the 3rd Workshop Festival “Procearte 2016” and the 1st International Workshop on Inclusive Education.

“International workshop on Inclusive Education: Experiences and Challenges” is a new experimental space created for the IX Meeting. It will be a way to analyze and discuss practices and experiences related to Inclusive Education.

As an added bonus, Civitas GES and La Universidad de Cienfuegos have arranged for you to participate in the celebration of International Workers Day in Havana on May 1. This celebration is the largest of its kind in the Americas and is a cultural event that must be witnessed.

The IX International Meeting of “The Presence of Paulo Freire” is part of a People-To-People Trip organized by Civitas Global Educational Services.  This trip complies with all the requirements of 31 CFR 515.565.b. of the US Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control.