Along the Paths of Music Experience

September 25 – October 2, 2016

III Colloquium Along the Paths of Music:
September 25 – October 2, 2016

The III Colloquium Along the Paths of Music

The Cultural Center for the Arts “Benny More” and the University of Cienfuegos, in collaboration with the “Jose Marti” National Library and the cultural institutions of Cienfuegos convene the 3rd Colloquium “Along the Paths of Music” to take place in Cienfuegos from September 29 to October 1, 2016.

The three-day Colloquium is dedicated to rock and pop music of the 1960’s and 70’s, considered by many scholars to be the “rock boom.” Founded on the old rural blues of African Americans and later the white middle class, Rock and pop music transcended popular dance music to become a cultural phenomenon around the World. Cuba was no exception.

The Colloquium convenes around four major themes:

  1. The history and influences of Cuban rock and pop of the 1960’s and 70’s, its principal exponents and the current challenges facing the genres.
  2. Regional Music: Research on the various realities and challenges in identifying music from different regions.
  3. Community Experiences: Presentation of community projects that contribute to the development, rescue and preservation of the music, taking into consideration as well as the various experiences that constitute cultural alternatives for consolidation in the plural current world view.
  4. Interdisciplinarity in music: New looks from ontological and epistemological perspectives.

In addition to presentations by musicologists, professors and researchers, the Colloquium will feature live performances by internationally recognized musical acts throughout the city of Cienfuegos. This year’s colloquium will pay tribute to Los Moddys and Los Jaguares, two famous Cuban rock acts from Cienfuegos.

In addition there will be a special panel discussion on the business of music in Cuba. This is an opportunity for people interested in developing relationships to learn from their counterparts on how the industry works in Cuba.

This is a people-to-people trip covered under general license as per 31 CFR §515.565(b) the United States Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. Civitas Global Educational Services is a licensed provider of people-to-people travel. (License No. CT-2014-312375-1)

Featured Acts Scheduled to Perform

September 29:
Leo Brouwer “From Yesterday to Penny Lane”

Master Guitarist, Composer and conductor, Leo Brouwer, will join us to lead an all-star guitar orchestra in a special performance entitled, “From Yesterday to Penny Lane” a Tribute to the Beatles.

Click here to learn more about maestro Leo Brouwer.

September 30: Los Moddys

Cubadisco nominated band, Los Moddys return to Cienfuegos to perform for their hometown crowd for Colloquium weekend. Playing for over 40 years, Los Moddys almost singlehandedly kept American pop and rock music alive during the tensest decades between Cuba and its northern neighbor. The concert will be a tribute to the landmark band.

Click here to learn more about Cienfuegos legends, Los Moddys.

October 1: Bouquet

Cienfuegos heavy rock band, Bouquet, brings its unique brand of heavy rock to the soundstage for an outdoor concert. With the bay as their backdrop, Bouquet will perform their original songs along with their interpretation of well-known covers.

Click here to see their latest music video.

Overview OF THE Itinerary

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Sun to Tues, September 25 – 27

To begin out your people-to-people experience, we’ll begin in Havana where you see and learn about the capital city. You will spend three days/two night exploring significant sites and meeting with professional musicians and artists to give you an introduction to art and music in Cuba.

Tues to Sun, September 27 – October 2

On Wednesday, September 28 we’ll journey down to Cienfuegos, Cuba for the Colloquium. Known as “the Pearl of the South”, Cienfuegos was founded in 1819 by French and Louisiana colonists. It’s neoclassical urban planning and eclectic architectural style won the city a UNESCO World Heritage site designation in 2005. However, the beauty of Cienfuegos extends well beyond its French colonial origins and its natural beauty. The city is rich in culture and has diversity of art unlike any city in Cuba.