Cuba TIES 2018

Diversity and International Education

October 22 - 26, 2018

4th Workshop of Strategic Alliances for the Internationalization of Higher Education
(Cuba TIES 2018)

About Cuba TIES 2018

Block off your calendars for the week of October 22, 2018 for the 4th Workshop of Strategic Alliances for the Internationalization of Higher Education hosted by the University of Cienfuegos.

Cuba TIES 2018 welcomes presenters from all over the world. This year our main themes will focus on diversity and international education.

Cuba TIES 2018 will be under the umbrella of the larger 2nd International Scientific Conference of Cienfuegos (CCC 2). CCC 2 will feature once again a diversity of workshops that will include:

2nd International Scientific Conference of Cienfuegos
  • Management of Fragile Ecosystems
  • Energy and Environmental Studies
  • Sociocultural Studies
  • 2nd PearLanguage Symposium
  • Information and Library Sciences

Registration for Cuba TIES 2018 and the 2nd International Scientific Conference of Cienfuegos will begin on February 15, 2018. Watch this space or click here to sign up and join our mailing list for additional information and updates.

Un abrazo,

TIES III Organizing Committee

Dr. C Juan B. Cogollos Martínez, Rector
Dra. C Yailén Monzón Bruguera
Dr. C Eduardo Pérez Novo
Dr. C Raydel Avello Martínez
Dra.C. Maybelys Veliz Rodríguez
Ms. C Lourdes T. Pomares Castellón
Ms. C Dayni D. Díaz Mederos
MSc. Daniel Cima Mesa
Ms. C Lilian M. Peraza Vilorio
MSc. Jorge Luis Quintero Barrisonte
DI. Yunisley Bruno Díaz

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Read About Cuba TIES 2017

We would like to thank the following organizations for their support and dedication to building partnerships in Cuba based on mutual respect and understanding.

TIES 2017 Sponsor ETS TOEFL
University Cienfuegos
Civitas GES Logo

Moments from Past Cuba TIES

Cuba TIES 2017 Group Photo

Over 100 international educational leaders from 50 institutions attended the 3rd Annual Workshop of Strategic Alliances for the Internationalization of Higher Education
(“Cuba TIES 2017”)

Cuba TIES 2017 Group Photo
Dr. Juan B. Cogollos, Rector of University of Cienfuegos, delivers opening remarks at the Cuba TIES 2017 inauguration ceremony.
“Academic, educational, cultural and people-to-people exchanges are vital to laying the groundwork of mutual understanding, helping us learn from each other, and creating a more secure and prosperous world. These programs are what make it possible to build on the foundations of collaboration and understanding when political winds shift.” - Jill Welch, Deputy Executive Director for Public Policy for NAFSA, Association of International Educators
Afro-Cuban cultural group Rumbalay performs at the Cuba TIES 2017 opening celebration.
Dr. Bette Bergeron, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs of SUNY Potsdam is interviewed by local Cuban news on the collaborative efforts between her institution and the University of Cienfuegos.
Drs. Karen Rauch, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Diane King, Associate Professor, Special Education Department of Kutztown University network with Cuban colleagues.
Pre-conference session on Internationalization, Education and Leadership led by (front row from left to right) Dayni Díaz Mederos, M.Ed. International Academic Relations specialist, University of Cienfuegos and co-founder of Cuba TIES; Dr. Gabrielle Malfatti, Director of Global Engagement, University of Missouri College of Education and; Dr. Xiomara García Navarro, Dean, Pedagogical Sciences Faculty, University of Cienfuegos.
Idris Robinson, MPH, Assistant Director for International Programs of the Office of Global Health at Drexel University describes the “CHE” program, a multidisciplinary experience in Cienfuegos centered on public health.
Dr. Jacqueline Thayer Scott, Cape Breton University receives an award from Rector Juan B. Cogollos of University of Cienfuegos for her outstanding commitment to partnerships in international education.
(from Left to right) Dr. Teresita A. Levy of Lehman College, Dr. Iliana Gonzalez Crespo of La Universidad de Camagüey and Dr. Ana Beltran, La Universidad de Sancti Spiritus after presenting their ongoing joint programs.
Proyecto Maracá
Dancers of the after school program Proyecto Maracá rehearse in front of Cuba TIES 2017 delegates. Proyecto Maracá is a program offered to children and adults in the community led by professors of the University of Cienfuegos Arts Department.
Professor of English at Montgomery College in Maryland, Dr. David G. Lott, reads excerpts from his recently released bilingual poetry book, New to Guayama.
University of Cienfuegos English Department Chair, Daniel Cima Mesa (at left), led the team of faculty and student interpreters. Cuba TIES is a bilingual event.
Cuba TIES 2017 delegates visit el Castillo Jagua at the mouth of Cienfuegos bay. Built in 1742, the French-designed fort predates the founding of the city by 74 years.

Photo Credit: Idris Robinson, Drexel University