Practicum in Interpretation and Translation

Course Modules for 2016

(varying credit, 2-15 weeks)

Students with advanced proficiency in Spanish and English will work with Cuban counterparts to learn and perfect techniques of interpretation and translation in a variety of settings. In a seminar format, students will work with Cuban professors trained as professional interpreters and translators to learn theories and methods of translation. Working in teams, students will practice with written texts of all kinds, and also learn how to do simultaneous interpretation of spoken Spanish, working in or simulating real life circumstances. Students will produce at the end of the workshop a portfolio of translated work that will be of use to the community in some way, such as translation of cultural and educational material for distribution at museums, schools, clinics, or other social and cultural institutions. The goal of the practicum is to prepare students to work as translators and interpreters, and to learn about Cuba by working on language projects related to Cuban culture.

With this course module:

The number of credits granted and length of time in Cuba can be negotiated according to the needs of the group.
The modules can be combined in any way, depending on the needs and interests of the students.
Students are required to have previous knowledge of Spanish to take this class.
Students can begin course work in Cienfuegos any time depending on preference of the American professor and availability of UCf faculty (modules not available in August).

For more information or to incorporate this module into your program, download and complete the preliminary information form and email it to


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